Tempo Advance: Used and approved by Mike Mangini

Mangini ApprovedTrust the expert

There's no one better to trust than the Grammy-nominated drummer of Dream Theater. Mike has been using Tempo Advance for years, and is now our exclusive consultant.

PolyrhythmsExplore new frontiers

Requested by Mike, we've added a Polyrhythm mode. Hear any combination of up to 20 beats per channel.

Automation Accelerando, ritardando

Enhance your practices by having the metronome speed up or slow down automatically.

Display Modes Linear or rotary

The "LEDs" are arranged different in portrait or landscape, so you can choose a preferred mode.

Custom Themes Because you are unique

Select from 5 default themes, or create your own with the intuitive Theme Editor.

Sound Options Customizable sound sets

Assign different sounds to each sound state, with the option to turn on vibration.

Tempo Advance + AirTurnHandsfree operation

Tempo Advance supports up to 4 pedals with AirTurn, the leading Bluetooth foot controller for iOS, with the ability to assign customized actions to each pedal. Start and stop playback, and navigate setlists. AirTurn works with foot pedals that you may already own.

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To learn more, visit TempoAdvance.com